Create A Powerful Soundtrack

10 Feb

Ever wonder if your life story were told on the big screen, what music would be featured? When going through my divorce, I remember listening to Neyo’s “Do You Ever?” and sobbing for days. I’d replay it, because it seemed so appropriate for what I was going through. A friend called to check on me while I was at work, and she over heard the selection of songs that were playing in my office. I was playing Dru Hill, because the love we shared was still staying on my mind, pretty much 24/7.  And who better to understand that he’d always be my baby, but Mariah Carey, right???

After hearing my obsession with being the victim, my friend told me to make some different music selections. She told me that those “begging” songs, as she called them only solitified my desperation. After she hung up, I admit, I was a little angry. At the time, she seemed so inconsiderate of my feelings and experience that I was going through. But later while driving in my car, I seriously thought about what she had to say. So I pulled out all of my cds and loaded some different tunes to my pc.

Initially, it started with only a few songs. I’d discovered Smokie Norful’s one song and had purchased his cd, “Nothing Without You” years ahead. But after the one song, “I Understand” had gotten old to me, somehow I’d put it to the back of my cd book. I pulled it out and listened to “I Understand” ,this time with different ears, and it made much more sense. So I added it. That cd was actually filled with the music that I needed to hear. So I downloaded several more of them. I was regaining my Strength, Courage & Wisdom, with the help of India Arie. Because I was a Superwoman, just like Alicia Keys. The ending, admittedly the most influential song on my Power Soundtrack, wrote the ending of the chapter for me. I’d play the song over and over in my car and it became my anthem. To this day, when I’m going through something and someone wrongs me, in my head I just say …”Thanks for making me a Fighter!” Christina Aguilera couldn’t have put it better.

Now, when I hear songs that are empowering or uplifting I add it to my list for future reference. What songs are you going to include on your power soundtrack?

Much love,


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