Consider That New Path

14 Feb

I think I’ve explained before that I live in a very small town. It’s nearly the equivalent to Mayberry. So as you can imagine, there’s not many secrets that can be kept. My divorce was nothing different. The news spread around like wildfire. It was quite difficult to go out with out speculation, ridicule, and just plain old nosiness!

I was approached by those who did and didn’t know me, all wanting explanations to the five major questions: Who, what, when, where, and how? The odd thing was…I didn’t have all the answers to those questions myself. So I consided one of  the greatest blessings I received to be when I saw a friend in town who mentioned a great career opportunity available. She told me the salary and what the job entailed. But she did tell me there was one glitch to the opportunity. It was in a city and state about 2 1/2 hours away.  Most people would have disregarded the opportunity, finding all type of reasons to stay. But all it took was 15 minutes for me to make arrangements to rent a room from a distant cousin, so I could start on Friday. (Did I mention that she brought the opportunity to me on Wednesday afternoon?)

When my mom heard about the opportunity, initially she was disappointed. I think part of her felt that I was being way too hasty in my decision. But nonetheless, she accepted it and supported me anyway. However, the word at the rumor mill was that I was running away from the situation at hand, which was my divorce. The fact was, I didn’t really think about the situation at all. Amazingly, God had laid out a plan for me to heal that I would have never considered on my own. People will often make you feel that when you flee from certain things, that it makes you a coward. But the Bible even tells us to flee from all appearance of evil.

The gossip and the speculation were definitely evil. But honestly, I don’t think I was running from anything. I think God sent me on a retreat that would be necessary to gain the strength I’d need to get through. It’s amazing….no, remarkable, how quick he can change things. So let me say this to you, if you are approached with an opportunity that others may feel isn’t feasible, consider this. Faith is believing in the things unseen. Sometimes we just have to step out on faith and trust in God.  Just because others may not be able to see the path, doesn’t mean God didn’t intend for you to take it. Don’t be afraid to try something or some place new. Surprisingly, I have returned to live in the small town that used to cause me much grief. But because of the change in my path, I gained so much that has enabled me the ability to exist unphased by the gossip anymore. Stay tuned next week as I share lessons learned on my new path.

Separation and divorce isn’t an easy thing. But it’s my prayer that you’re gaining strength every day as you start life anew!

Much love,


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