Make It Last Forever

22 Feb

 Make It Last Forever

Just last week I was getting out of my truck and preparing to walk into a building when I noticed an older couple giving each other a passionate kiss.  Now when I say an older couple, meaning a couple that looked as if they were in their late 60’s.  The gentleman opened the door for the lady and squeezed her tight while commencing to give her a sweet and gentle kiss on the lips.  As I watched the both of them, I thought to myself,  “Wow”….how nice it is to see sincere love exuding from the both of them and how real love can last after so many years and that old school love still exists.  I did not know this couple or how long they have been married or even if they were married.  However, I will say and can say that I was witnessing true love right there in front of me. 

When we say “I do” before God and man, we are making a commitment to God first and then to one other.  Committing that we are in it until death do us part.  “I do”, doesn’t mean that loving someone is easy but loving them unconditionally!!  So let’s continue to keep Christ “FIRST” in our marriages so that one day, someone will be telling a story about us and how we are making it last forever….until death do us part.

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Nichole Taylor has been married to her husband Malcolm for 12 years. They have three beautiful children. She and her husband are currently the leaders over Family Life Ministry and Couples Ministry. Nichole and Malcolm are a common everyday couple who experience ups and downs as any other married couple.  However,  their passion is to minister to couples, families, and anyone who needs encouragement. God has truly blessed their family in so many ways and they want to share with others the goodness of Christ and by putting Christ first in your life, the many blessings one can receive in their marriages, their families, and most importantly, their lives.

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2 responses to “Make It Last Forever

  1. Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

    February 22, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    Awesome blog.
    I come from a family of marriages. It’s WORK…..people think marriage is about the other person fulfilling a void. Marriage is about being a team and working HARD together. That’s what I hope God has in store for me :).

    • trankins78

      February 22, 2011 at 5:15 pm

      I agree, PGR! I come from a family of marriages too, so as you can imagine it hurt me tremendously when I had to result in divorce. But going forward I definitely need to make sure that the next (and final) husband that finds me, will definitely be God-fearing and is willing to work with me and not compete with me;-) God willing, he’ll definitely be a team player and I will willingly submit;-)


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